Thursday, February 8, 2018

You can be fantastically good and still win the trophy for controversy and social distrust. The tide of misrepresentation does not segregate good intention from bad intention. it flows based on  the perception in the eyes of those apportioning the judgement.

More often than not, we face the precarious situation of having to balance being good with being controversial and provocative. To be absolutely honest is to earn fear and approbation of friends who may cringe at the thought that one day, your honestly may land them in trouble if you consistently uphold it while they need you to bend a little to the left. It would also earn you controversial titles in the Palace of the dishonest.

If you choose to conceal what you know and keep others in suspense, the act would evoke two from two scenarios: those eagerly awaiting revelation but were disappointed to hear nothing would count you as the secretive and judged you as untrustworthy. You become in their eyes, someone hiding something crucial from others; and those who manage to extract words from your quavering lips would begin to fear you, as they imagine you will one day reveal their dark secrets to third parties. Insecurity and distrust are the melting and boiling point of their emotional state.

Jesus lived among men. Today he has billions of followers who are dying to pronounce his name at every opportunity, even in their trying moments, and those who are willing to die for him and his mission. But in the years he lived among men, he got only few disciples who committed to his cause. One betrayed him, according to the legend. Muhammad has billions of followers today, who are ready to die for his cause. in the years he lived, he had relatively few companions, while the Arabs hounded him everywhere until he departed.

How easy and how often the people we misunderstood turned out to return back to us in the future to become our heroes. How much of our efforts to vilify good men because we do not understand them have become source of joy to many who benefited from our exile of the men and women who stood for something. The stones we rejected  become the foundation of someone's mansion.

So if you feel you have a strong ideal, and you have been fair to those around you; if you have done your utmost to gain the acceptance of the wayward and has earned only their distrust despite your honesty... you do not need to fear their antagonism or their vile words. The prosperity of the evil ones is but a snare that hide the travails awaiting them in moment of reckoning.

Know when to abdicate the throne of shame if providence elevates you to one. With dozens of (dis)loyal imbeciles paying obeisance to you nights and days, left and right, you do not need a crow to wake you up in the land of the deaf. The noises and stenches from their private chamber could suffocate even a deep slumberer. Find your level and join those whose companionship offer peace and clear conscience. Should there be none, then..... breathe! 

Peace and Love from Kalamakato

I am @isqilnajim

You can be fantastically good and still win the trophy for controversy

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Under the tenure of last administration, 100 Billion Naira was reportedly shared by State Governors at the height of herdsmen-farmer clashes to solve the problem in their states.

Millions of Nigerians didn't know about this cash or when it was released or what it was used for. There were obviously busy attacking the latest controversy in that time that they missed the 

The recent deadly clashes in Benue which left scores dead and many homeless brought the issue up again. The Reps, who themselves  must have forgotten or probably missed it scramble to institute probes  into the money. Obvious diverted by the governors.

While we are still in talk as regard the solution to the Herdsmen-Farmers clashes and while the dead are still fresh in their  grave; while the pressure is mounting on the president  to act;  Someone decided to steal the airspace and arrest our attention.

Not really that he did anything new. It was the same thing many of us have done in the last two years and a few months: Rant about the system and advising the president not to seek reelection. Everything he has said are not new just as nothing he said was false. But we fell into the trap and mob him on social media.

The next few days was devoted into eating him raw and digging up his past sins and hypocrisies.  On the other side of the indulgence will be those who dedicated their time into defending him and using his words as their bible in their profession of activism.

It bemused me that Nigerians have masters the art of losing focus.

And this bring me back to the first paragraph  of this piece. There is nothing to suggest that the president under Jonathan gave out the money secretly. I suspect that while they are doing so, we were probably preoccupied  with hot national gossips or political discourse that such decision by the government  went unnoticed. And even as at now, the issue of Herdsmen-Farmers clashes remained unsolved while no one pay attention to the probe instituted to unravel how 100 billion grew wing and disappeared. Report says that the resolution to probe the fund disappearance was first made on January 20, 2017, following a motion moved by a member from Kogi State, Mr. Sunday Karimi. The issues however came up again in 2018, following repeated clashes. Up till this moment, nothing much is heard of it. And nothing perhaps will be heard. Nigerians have forgotten and moved on and will wait till another crisis before recalling it.

Because we are a people that gyrating from one controversial national topic to another without following through to resolution, we did not take into consideration the need to pause and assess how the crisis are tackled until a major crisis or controversy erupt and reminds us of the old festering wound.

Two weeks ago, Nigerians descended on each other to compete on who deserves the appellation of "shithole" title being awarded by and foreign leader. While many "true blooded shitholers" supported the tag in the spirit of  harmony  with their eternal vocation of never seeing any good in their country (as long as they don't like the person occupying the seat of power), others are busy repudiating the abomination and of course, they found sympathy home and abroad among true friends of Africa.

Before you know what is up, the Herdsmen crisis which actually have been on for years came to national prominent and everyone yearn for solution. The volume of thesis and condemnation and justifications written by both the protagonists and antagonists of the ruling elite can fill a library. The government  eventually  did the predictable act of setting up a committee. And Nigerians move to another topic. Now it is the Third Force.... the pendulum of confusion is still swinging.

Anyone remember the infamous government of committee by committee for committee? Ebele was flogged right left and center for his penchant for constituting committee after committee to perform function that require prompt action of the security operative or decision of the President. But this is a new era. The era of integrity. Baba can do no wrong.

For now, let's enjoy the distraction created by Dr Obasanjo's letter, the third force, Big Brother Naija and watch out for the next drama.. Meanwhile, the killer herdsmen are still on the prowl. And then probe of the 100 billion grant by House of committee remains in the dark room of conception and emotional rage.

I am @isqilnajim

Isqil Najim: On the wing of rage: one controversy after the other

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Put all your political eggs in INEC basket;
Fan the ember of tribalism and favouritism;
Camp days and nights at a miracle centre;
Follow the hype and political commentators
make heroes out of the noise makers
Erect a strong wall against every alternative party;
Begin an endless search for a Super saint leader;
Ignore the Vultures seeking to colonise the Senate,
And the Hawks asking to represent the Mother Hen and her chicken ;
Then...after all said and done..
Let the street thugs and market women do the voting proper on election day...
While you do your own voting with big grammar on Social media
Your electoral Chick would be as big as adult dinosaur,
When they finally hatch in Blue Sky :)

Echo Of My Mind: The Search for Super Saint

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Monday, November 27, 2017

President of the Ghana Institute of Engineering (GhIE), Ing Carlien Bou-Chedid has called on government to engage qualified engineers to develop the country's infrastructure.

She stressed the need to engage engineers with the requisite licences who belong to accredited professional bodies as required by law to undertake projects to create jobs and ensure value for money.

She said government's flagship projects like the 'One District, One Factory, 'One District, One Warehouse, as well as modernization of the rail system and national sanitation campaign, among others, need certified engineers to oversee every phase of construction projects.

Ing. Bou-Chedid made the call at the 18th induction ceremony in Accra at the Engineers Centre, Roman Ridge on Tuesday, 14th November, 2017, to add 253 new engineers.

The new inductees were made up of 80 Civil Technical Engineers, 49 Mechanical & Agric Engineers, 28 Chemical & Mining Engineers and 96 Electrical & Electronic Engineers.

She reminded the newly-inducted engineers to stay abreast with fast growing trends of technology.

“You are expected to undertake continuous development programmes annually before having your licenses renewed. This is a basic requirement to ensure you are always abreast with the latest advancements in your area of specialty. Development is taking place very fast and there are new and more efficient methods of performing many engineering activities coming up each day.”

Ing Kwasi Kwakwa, FGhIE, admonished the new engineers to learn to serve and venture into other areas of specialty.

“Outside the institution, you can rise into national office by going into active politics. There are so few engineers up there and that accounts for the perception that engineers appear anonymous in national life and named a few as Ing Yaw Osafo Maafo, Senior Minister; Ing. Owusu Adiomi, Deputy Minister of Roads & Highways.

He reiterated that Ghana would go nowhere without engineering practitioners and stated that the nation's development should be hinged on indigenous engineers.

“Engineering has been and continues to be the backbone for the development and progress of a nation.”

President of GhIE, Ing Carlien Chedid (seated middle), past Presidents and Council members pose with the newly inducted engineers after the ceremony

Government Advised To Engage 'Qualified Engineers'

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

It is obvious the military has a high level of respect for Mugabe of Zimbabwe. They preserved him this long in the first place. Without their staunch support he would have long gone.

However, it baffles me the African leaders always rely on crisis, chaos and instability to hear the deafening  cry for change in status quo. Even when they are enjoying high popularity rating they tend to deflect their own weaknesses toward the opposition which they used to the maximum to keep their supporters burning with passion for them.

Even on problems they had promised to effect change, the rant against the opposition as the cause and obstacle to progress  is forever a daily vocation they engage it. The opposition themselves are not blameless.. they are agents of confusion in most cases.

As Zimbabwe awaits its fate in what is seen as imminent power shift, it worries me that the choice between a democratic dictatorship  and military rule is becoming more pronounced in many African countries. The civilians rulers have effectively mastered the art of deceit.

One minute they sell you democracy with all its illusory promises.  The next minute they transform into sophisticated  looting machines with such unrestrained impunity that military rule with all its gory past becomes a saint in comparison.

And when the army finally get tired of watching and go ahead to upstage the government, the civilians leaders  would rally the same citizens they have oppressed and exploited  to fight for democracy and rule of law. And the cycle will repeat itself. ..

African Love between Democratic dictatorship and military rule

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

There is a reason why leadership is not bequeathed on everyone. It is a top down pyramid system where the man at the top pay the price for the failure of these at the bottom. If you incapable of such responsibility, be on your lane.

Because he has been given a vantage position to stand, far above everyone else, he is expected to see beyond others than those below. In return for his labour of foresight, he is supported by those who are burdened with the responsibility of supporting him while they labour for him to be a solution provider. A unifier and messenger between them and fulfillment of their dreams.

Average human is impulsive and reactionary. He brings the roof down at the slightest provocation and allows sentiment to colour his judgements where restraint could be perfect solution. Given the power of life and death, he would but unleash his power without recourse to thorough understanding of what had happened or wisdom in anticipating potential future effects . More often than not, his decisions can have far reaching effects on millions of people. They could be irreversible.

Humans know this flawed nature of their kinds and so instituted orderly or disorderly pattern of elevating one of them to the top. With appropriate balancing orderly or disorderly pattern of pulling them down when they can no longer bear the burden of supporting them.

Also among those at the bottom are those who desire to see what man at the top can see. They aim to rise above others and enjoy the privilege provided by the community. They believe they have greater capabilities to outdo the man at the top and earnestly yearn for that respect and honour of standing above everyone else. To achieve this, they need to show that they are more capable and also do everything to ensure the man at the top fall. Rightly or wrongly.

When then have accomplished their goals and perched above the rest to enjoy their royal splendour, some of those below them who had similar ambition and the capability to mobilise the community would commence their own grand scheme to pull down the man at the top.

More often than not, the men at the bottom often respond to the rallying call for rebellion especially as a way of protesting the increasing burden imposed by the loners at the top. And the cycle repeats itself.

After a long while, this group of aristocrats among the common men in the community succeed in rotating the position at the top among themselves while the rest of the population bearing the burden of instability, and strain on lean resources, continue to pay the highest price incurred from changes and exploitation of the privileged few, yet while responding to every call of self acclaimed messiah.

And that lead me into the word of T. E. Lawrence: "Government saw men only in mass; but our men, being irregular, were not formations, but individuals. .. our kingdoms lay in each man's mind"

I am @isqilnajim


Random thought on Leadership.. and the cycle of power

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Monday, September 18, 2017

When, lately,  Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, slammed former President Olusegun Obasanjo for trivialising the agitations of Nigeria's constituents for restructuring of the country, it only shows the extent of the reach of the clamour for the nation's reorganisation, and the volume the call has gathered. In Soyinka's words,  for instance, he said Nigeria was long overdue for reconfiguring, and noted that only dishonest citizens of the country would shy away from the need to decentralise the country.
Although there are those who attribute the reaction from the Nobel Laureate to the age-long rift between him and the former President, yet,  to a preponderance of Nigerian citizenry, the stance Obasanjo gave on the Channels television that rather than the country’s restructuring, Nigerians need to restructure their mentality, mind, and understanding of the country instead, and the blunt declaration that he cannot be part of it didn't go down well with most Nigerians.

I was no surprise that Soyinka was raged by the standpoint of former President Obasanjo as he said he finds  his stance very dishonest and cheap trivialising an issue of such great consequence. For Wole Soyinka, it is about 'the protocols of association of the constitutive parts of a nation'. In his words, Nigeria is over-centralised.

Soyinka is not alone on this. Many Nigerians across the ethnic divides are. The agitation continues to sprout shades of issues and discusses that raise fundamental questions. There is the question of what exactly is the meaning and essence of restructuring?

For the purpose of this treatise,  we provide Wikipedia's interpretation: Restructuring is the corporate management term for the act of reorganizing the legal, ownership, operational, or other structures of a company for the purpose of making it more profitable, or better organized for its present needs.

Other reasons for restructuring include a change of ownership or ownership structure, demerger, or a response to a crisis or major change in the business such as bankruptcy, repositioning, or buyout.
There are striking take-home from the foregoing definition of restructuring. Of particular interest is the fact that restructuring is essentially neccesitated by the purpose of making a structure more profitable or better organized for its present needs. Who then dare says the present political configuration of Nigeria isn't an albatross on her neck. Not even the ruling All Progressives Congress dare denies it.  As a matter of fact,  the party has reorganisation of the country as part of its manifestos,  only unfortunate that it had to wait for this long until the call for it reaches an ugly crescendo.

Now the APC has been constrained by the forceful and sweeping agitations arising from the need to restructure to constitute a panel and saddled with the charge to look into the agitation by making arrangements for public hearing on the theme which slated for September 18, 2017, what it should  have done much more earlier. The party named the panel 'Committee on True Federalism', and it has been announced that the committee will hold public hearing in the six geopolitical zones of the country, starting from Benin, the Edo State capital in the South South zone. On this, we think it's better late than never.

It is good and propitious,  except for pretenders who are out to cheapen the need for the all-important reorganisation. There are burning issues about creation/merger of states, derivation principle, devolution of powers, federating units, fiscal federalism and revenue allocation and form of government.

There are also other issues as independent candidacy, land tenure system, local government autonomy, power sharing and rotation, resource control and type of legislature, all of which threatens the feet of the country if something urgent is not done. The reports of the various political conferences show that these issues are dire, consequential and urgent.

The Gov. El-Ruffai committee which has been commissioned to deliver on the need for restructuring must be definite about it. There is the unspoken,  yet palpable fear in the faces of Nigerians that the plan to tour the  constituent geographical zones and allied decisions may end up the way of its kind - to have a report that will be swept under the carpet after a whole lot of time and tax-payers money must have been lavishly expended on the effort. 

Embarking on states tour to collate people's opinions is key,  yes,  but Nigerians are virtually cynical about it because it's a familiar bait. We fear that it appears what the ruling party itches to do is not only to mess it kill the 2014 confab resolutions, but to also look for a way to waste Nigerians' time and resources, only to do away with the restructuring in the end.

I salute and agree with the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammadu Sa'ad Abubakar III and Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II CON , who have canvassed that some parts of the 2014 Confab report should be looked into as a way to settle the restructuring agitation.

Every Nigerian must rise to this occasion by keeping watch on the panel and it's activities to ensure that the nation is not rubbed the usual way. The committee on the other hand must be seen to be doing the purpose for which it is commissioned.  It must do only which the people of Nigeria yearns for and which is in the nation's best interest,  not the bidding of an ephemeral political grouping.

Dr. Ajulo is the Principal Partner, Kayode Ajulo & Co. Castle of Law, Abuja, Executive Director, Egalitarian Mission for Africa and former National Secretary, Labour Party.

That Gov. El-Rufai's APC Panel on Restructuring Must Not be the Usual Ruse-Dr. Olukayode Ajulo

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

One of the biggest crime committed by man against fellow man is in words that masquerade as counselling...

They have  destroyed people spirits and suppressed their capability to generate solutions to their personal challenges and remove obstacles hindering their progress.

When someone is passing through unpleasant experience in hand of an exploitative individual, or a stifling environment then you say " what is the guarantee that the next person/place you will go to, would be better and not worse? Stay where you are and endure! "

This is fraud! Stop making people die silently in fear of unknown. Let them take hold of their destiny and make things work and, through the reality of life, grow to become a better person or learn valuable lessons they can never acquire if they stay with that situation.

Man by nature grows and develop through challenges and not through hiding in comfort zone. Do you wonder why kids who are breed from purely neat environment fall sick more than their counterparts who have been exposed to the dust when they leve their comfort zones ? Because the later have developed resistance against the germs the former used to feared!

If it is not working out fine, dont tell them that they are better off maintaining status quo because their next place could be worse. let them face their fear and if they fail they would learn enough lessons to rise again

Stay where you are? Hell no.. go where you learn!

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Friday, July 21, 2017

The Future of the Countries development lies in the youths who are mainly with raw talents begging for supports. They need our help.  This was the conclusion of Engr Mrs Funmi Akingbagbohun at the recently concluded Energy Forum Conference in Lagos.
She stated this while presentation a paper titled: “NIMechE Innovation Challenge: Bridging the gap between Ideas and Execution” during the plenary session. Akingbagbohun, who is the Chairperson Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Lagos State Chapter also noted that  Opportunity doesn’t translate into reality unless it meets preparation and that both institution and the individuals must be prepared for opportunity so that they can tap into it.
“The Future of the Countries development lies in the youths who are mainly with raw talents begging for supports. They need our help”- Engr Funmi Akingbagbohun
Speaking on NIMechE Innovation Challenge, sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, she noted that “talents abound in Nigeria and Africa from every institution among our graduates begging to be unearthed and developed.” While calling on the international organisations to emulate the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africal Catalyst Programme and “support African efforts at unearthing these gems”
In her presentation, she linked energy crisis and unemployment situation in Nigeria. And noted that many companies have shut down or reduced staff strenght in  bid to cut cost. And energy crisis is among the factors that impacted on the companies 
Listing some of the efforts of NIMechE, so far in assisting the young engineers to include internship programme, Workshops and seminars for the young engineers, partnering with companies like Toyota Nigeria in distributing training equipment to tertiary institutions among others. 
Engr Akingbagbohun who is also the Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Ikeja Branch traced the journey of the NIMechE Innovation Challenge Competition back in time and thanked the Royal Academy of Engineers and project Manager partner, IBLF for making the vision a reality. However, she warns that more still need to be done as there are other hidden talents
Great credit to Royal Academy of Engineering for the funding and IBLF for the partnership. She said that the NIMechE Innovation Challenges benefited from the African Catalyst Programme of Royal Academy of ENgineering, UK as part of the efforts to boost engineering capacity in Africa.  The overarching aim is to ensure there is sufficient, and appropriately skilled, local engineering capacity to participate in and drive national and regional development in sub-Saharan Africa.
This competition is targeted at students in the Mechanical Engineering departments in ten (10) tertiary institutions across Lagos State. It aims to support the discovery of ideas that offer local solutions to identifiable problems in agriculture, power supply, renewable energy and automation.  The goal is to stimulate job/enterprise creation and the contribution to our national economy .
As we look towards the future as a nation, the NIMechE Innovation Challenge aspires to engage stakeholders both locally and internationally and strengthen corporation in the area of technology and human resources development. We are convinced that this will result in an improved perception of the engineering industry in Nigeria at home and abroad… Engr Akingbagbohun
She advised the Young Engineers to not be negative and avoiding the professional association because of their challenges, but rather deepen their contact and relationship with their various Associations to For meaningful Impact , it is necessary for the Students and Graduates to have contact with the practicing Engineers. This provides greater impetus for application of their knowledge and also in discovering which of their works is realistically executable in the real world
Training and development of Young Engineers does not and should not end in the classroom. Attending of Conference, Seminar, professional gathering offer a lot of opportunities for development as well as new ideas inspiration
When we do little, we can do great!


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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Yesterday, A situation that could pass as minor  disagreement on parking right (violation), which could have been resolved within ambient of commonsense and logic metamorphosed into violence. At the end of it, two banks were reportedly  burnt down along with loss of lives.

I am not here to pass judgement about who was wrong or right between the police and the tanker drivers. Underlying  the unspoken reality is a must if we indeed are nations  of law and order.

It should be noted that NUPENG released statement after the incidence that none of its members was involved in the fracas. And those involved are operators of articulated  vehicles. Be that as it may, the fact of the event was that banks were burnt and properties looted as people (you may choose to call them thugs) expressed their anger.

It is obvious that we have a big issue of distrust of the system and its legal entity. Hence the penchant for jungle justice at the slightest opportunity.

Also of significant worry is the proliferation of our cities by potential ruffians and destructive elements. Not that it is peculiar to us but the alarming growth rate of these elements cannot be divorced from the socio-economic climate. These people appear in various forms and loiter the streets in search of "opportunities."  While some cling to jobs through which they occasionally unleash their internal fury on the society.

The twin challenge of restoring confidence in our justice system and empowerment of the teaming population of unemployed and underemployed youths  is one reality that we cannot shy away from.
Without confidence in the justice system jungle justice and mob actions are the only alternatives  to which angry masses resort when they face decision between law and emotion.

I sympathise with the police who are working under this harsh environment.I used to blame them for such incidence but not anymore. They are as well part of the victims of the system they are policing.
Now two banks will have a big decision to make regarding their loss and the fate of innocent workers whose only sin is to work in a location where lawless drivers and trigger happy policemen demonstrated the depth of their fiery temper and distrust of justice and fairness. And of course, some.families would be somewhere lamenting the loss of their breadwinners with rage in their heart.

Apapa violence and the reality confronting us..

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Looking at socio political mood of the country, I can see that there are three powerful  tribes in Nigeria right now . All cohabiting in the same geographical entity. Each with its own mindset and clan. Each struggling for recognition and power.

The first tribe is the Masses. Whose reality are dictated and influenced by bread and butter and individual  survival. They drift in the direction coordinated by their local and national leaders; regardless of whether they like those leaders or not, as long as there are promises of better bread and butter, and of course, security of all kinds. The Masses feast on hope and when carefully presented, they worship the actor(s) who delivered and could go a long way in sacrificing their life and loyalty for that person or group. Promises  are the wine they can drink until they lose sanity. Strangely enough this intoxication is well tolerated across board ...

The second tribe is the tribe of intellectuals who know everything in the books as well as have clearer ideas on how to move the country and their community forward. Privately they succeeded in what they do and they know their onions. They are not just educated but very sound analytical thinkers. 

However they  tend to have penchant  for taking self-delusional path that disconnect then from reality.  Yes they  are educated.  Yes they are intellectually  and logically sound but they forgot to marry their education with existing reality and then forge a clear workable plan to blend with the masses where they are needed and where the support is crucial. Instead they spend time and time again to condemn the Masses for being pawns and victims of poor governance and dysfunctional system. They seem not to realise that the best way they can achieve their reform plan is to win the hearts of the Masses. They expected the masses to just reason with them.

This tribe is subdivided into two groups. .The first are the ones that want to ride to power or reform through pure intellectualism. They can be in politics or activism but they use the platform to achieve the goal of working for social reform. The second are those who think the only way to achieve this goal is through rebellion. They can be secessionists or militants and they can be bloggers who are adept at fabricating false news in a bid to force the system to drift into confusion while hoping that the confusion  will compel everyone to think reform or pander to their demand. This tribe basically use their power of oration and intellect to draw attention and achieve their goals. Sometimes they call for war and civil disobedience or outright revolution  when they are frustrated.

The problem with this tribe is that they build a high wall of expectations and and Utopian community around their visions. They completely assume that every other persons including the masses they "want to liberate" do not have vision or direction of where they want to be. So they have presumed that their own ideals are the best fit for everyone, while every one else is not as smart as them. 

Unsurprisingly,   they are divided among themselves to such a level that they are mostly in splinter  groups. Even when they succeeded in winning the affection of the Masses they divided these support base to such a useless and powerless smaller groups that they barely had much impact beyond the little storm they created through media. The status quo is maintained. They are mostly victims of their own intellectualism. Everyone of them see himself as a king or potential king who cannot bow for anyone else. Hence they opted to build their own groups.

At the end of their failure, they would find a lot of people and factors to blame except themselves.

The third tribe is the tribe of politicians and clerics .  They are not created out of the blue and they are not as evil as the Utopians often painted. Politicians and clerics  evolve from the masses after being chosen to lead them. Some of them passed trough the Utopian group and get out after realizing that the world of Utopian is blindfolded one that has chosen not to see the reality. 

They work hard to identify with the masses by playing on their (masses) fantasies and expectations. They actively capitalise on  the problems and challenges of the Masses to build their clans. Some are genuine and some are deceitful. They all share common aspiration and have mastered the art of unity for the purpose of grabbing power. 

"We versus them" is a powerful weapon they have deploy toward achieving solid power base. Unlike the Utopians that have mastered the art of disunity and  segmentation. The politicians fight for power. Clerics fight for power though in subtle ways by taking absolute control of the minds and soul of the masses using some ambiguous supernatural terms that they too do not full comprehend. And after the contest is won and lost, they return back to their parent platform, as a united front to battle together against opposition, using every arsenal from tribalism, religion, to barbarism. To them, all is fair in war and politics.

What is more, there is no permanent foes among this tribe even though the masses and the Utopians are  allowed to destroy each other by choice and under the invocation of patriotism and loyalism and spiritualism. The masses and Utopians think they are fighting for a cause while the politicians and clerics simply lead them on and use the opportunity to consolidate their grip on their consciousness.

When a Muslim cleric becomes a Christian he is welcomed as new saint and admitted to join the force against Muslims.  The same is true when a Christian cleric converted to Islam.  In politics it is even more pronounced as people considered to be bad become good, once they cross over to the rival party. The masses on other hand could not read into this trend and continue to hate people among themselves who have not offended them in anyway except that their leaders and group condemn them as enemies and evil.

As another election period approaches the mood in the land point to the status quo. The masses are still confused and searching for saint leaders. The election in Osun State and a couple of others pointed to the fact that the masses are yet to grab the reality of power struggle. They are being played like ping pong by the two other tribes who are strenuously working to have their firm grip on power for varying reasons.

It will be instructive to note that not all of the members of the tribe of masses are irrational, neither are all of the tribe of intellectuals so disconnected  nor all politicians and clerics exclusively self-centred. However, in the game of number the majority voices rent the air just as their will predominate and define the group. 

The road to genuine reform is in the masses and this will happen when the tribe of intellectuals learn to concentrate their energy and unite without everyone thinking and seeing himself as a potential king in a divided Kingdom.  When this happens, the tribe of politicians and clerics will loose their grip on power and a new order entrenched.

Anton Chekhov was right when he said: "Man will become better when you show him what he is like"

I am @isqilnajim (twitter)

Nigeria and its troubles: Dissecting The Three tribes in the Power Struggles...

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Thursday, June 1, 2017




Countries all over the world are driven by certain developmental goals. To reach for these goals certain value systems are created and investments made in human infrastructural growth. At every given time, the potentials of a country are measured by the quality of their human work-force and the future itself determined thereof. It is this indubitable fact that makes it necessary for younger generations or the youth population to be groomed and trained in view of their future roles in sustaining and growing the country. To effectively do the foregoing, equal opportunities to education, health and other such indispensable utilities becomes cardinal to nurture a confident generation of future leaders. 

The youths population, thus, is an integral part of every society. While we would lay claims to several fundamental issues influencing the youth,  this discuss will fail in achieving it’s goals without underlining the definitions to various key words in this topical matter.

To start with, we are confronted with putting crystal clear definitions to keywords such as "positive impact", "vulnerable", "less privilege", and "youth". This is attempted as follows:

VULNERABLE: According to the Merriam Webster dictionary means, to be "open to attack or damage" i.e; for one to be capable of being physically or emotionally wounded.

➢ LESS PRIVILEGE: Is defined as social or economic deprivation of some of the fundamental rights of all members of a civilised society. 

➢ YOUTH : The definition of a youth has been interpreted in different ways by different people, but for the purpose of this discuss we shall define a youth as a young person with both strength and intellectual vibrancy. They are those class of people defined by exuberance, vitality and eagerness that is more a product of age than nurtured Furthermore, according to the National Bureau of Statistics in its 2012 National Youth Survey report; youths of working age, in the age bracket of 15 to 35 years are nearly 70 million persons in a population of 166 million Nigerians.


The youthful age is best understood as a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood independence and an awareness of our interdependence as members of a community. Youth is a more fluid category than a fixed age-group.

However, age is the easiest way to define this group, particularly in relation to education and employment. Therefore a youth is often indicated as a person between the age where he/she may leave compulsory education, and the age at which he/she finds his/her first employment. This latter age limit has been increasing, as higher levels of unemployment and the cost of setting up an independent household puts many young people into a prolonged period of dependency.
When carrying out its Youth Strategy, UNESCO used different definitions of youth depending on the context.

For activities at the national level, for example when implementing a local community youth programme, “youth” may be understood in a more flexible manner. UNESCO then adopts the definition of “youth” as used by a particular Member State. It can be based, for instance, on the definition given in the African Youth Charter where “youth” means “every person between the ages of 15 and 35 years” which we have adopted.

But again, let us have a preview of other definition by UNESCO on a different scale so as to have an overview on this all important subject, the “YOUTH”.

For activities at international or at regional level, such as the African Youth Forum, UNESCO uses the United Nations’ universal definition.
The UN, for statistical consistency across regions, defines ‘youth’, as those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years, without prejudice to other definitions by Member States. All UN statistics on youth are based on this definition, as illustrated by the annual yearbooks of statistics published by the United Nations system on demography, education, employment and health.

From the definitions of the concept of the subject matter the youth, we would realize that it cuts across the able bodied and most vibrant fulcrum of every society. Hence, for every society to survive it youths can not, and must never be unde-developed. In Nigeria today the youth forms a very large percentage of its population. Hence, there is little or no surprise over the recent agitation for youth inclusion in political stakes, condensed into the viral hashtag #NotTooYoungToRule. It is pivotal that a group such as this having formidable strength is an amazing part towards development and advancement. I make bold to assert today that every developed nation of the world has made meaningful contributions towards reducing the vulnerability of its youths. The roles of the youths in the society becomes the only alternative towards the determination of such society. If the youths, which you are a part of, leans towards the negative then the prospects are scary. However if it leans towards positives, we can be bold to say that our country is heading towards prosperity. I challenge you to accept this responsibility and stop shifting blames to what used to be the words of the younger generation few years ago, that the older generations are the cause of a failed Nigeria. Yes, you have a point to make and it emphatically made. But be reminded of the once popular word of a noble politician in this country, “we steal because they refuse to stone us”.  Now can you see the secret you need to unravel, stone them, so they can stop stealing your collective patrimony and resources. Take responsibility today.


For any society to survive in turbulent times with complex political instability, economic quagmire and the host of numerous problems commonplace in nation-states such as ours, investment must be made in its youth population. This task is in itself onerous but sacrosanct. It is a concern which must pre-occupy our national consciousness and be reflected in state policies and the social internalisation process. What is more, safeguarding the youths of today is safeguarding the very future of the country. 

It is regrettable that we live in a society where youths are a very much vulnerable group. Certain factors are responsible for this, ranging from an inept educational process or a lack thereof to exposure to crime, a bad value system, socio-economic neglect, bad leadership, amongst so much more. All these are summed up as the unavailability of basic needs and rights that should be inviolable. Education, is a right, security of lives and properties are rights of the individual among the host of many others. But sheer greed, official corruption and subtle corruption have degenerated basic needs to what we must pray hard or die to have.
For we to have a paradigm shift then, there is a need for all and sundry to invest into key sectors of the nation. For one, we must look towards making education affordable for the common man. Not just education but quality education. The very process of learning has to be made appealing and all encompassing. Accommodation must be made for indigent youths who, through monetary lack stand the risk of losing out on schooling and so become ready thugs and deviants in the society. All of this must be captured in the policy making process of all three tiers of government.

Politically, there is the need to revamp the system to be more youth friendly and accommodating. Programmes geared towards political education must be put together, as well as leadership training workshops. At certain levels, provision must be made for active participation of youths in leadership roles in view of more defining roles in the future as the older generation hand over the realms of government. It is important to state that youths are more than just a voting mass but people imbued with their own skill-set and a right to apply their areas of competence in public roles towards developing the country.

While enough cannot be said of the need to have a pronounced and effective education system, skill acquisition programmes must also be in place. Vocational aptitude must be encouraged and applauded as the society moves towards a more diverse approach in its millennial state goals. 


It was Ernesto Che Guevara, the revolutionise, who once said, and I quote: "Our youths must always be free, discussing and exchanging ideas  concerned with what is happening throughout the entire world".

I must state categorically in this speech, as I conclude, that the challenges of vulnerable youths are not unsolvable. Although there are many things left to say, suffice to say that by engaging all sectors in the society we can effectively work towards a youth force free from the temptation of crime and less inclined towards social anomies. To fail in this regard is to endanger the very future of the country.

Thank you.

Dr. Ajulo is the Principal Partner, Kayode Ajulo & Co. Castle of Law, Executive Director, Egalitarian Mission, Africa and was National Secretary, Labour Party.

Impacting Positively In The Lives Of Vulnerable And Less Privileged Youth Towards A Prosperous NIGERIA

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Have you given a thought to the street sweepers.?  They made your city clean despite your habit of dumping little waste in the open space.. They prevented your city from turning into mountain of filth...

Every morning, they wake up early and position themselves along the highways and other strategic locations: With their brooms and and their will. They are not ashamed to be street sweepers despite being underpaid while exposing their health to germs as well as dangerous drivers.

Have you given a thought to the garbage collector. He comes daily to empty your rubbish can. With bare hands and sometimes a smelly torn gloves. He dresses in tattered clothes that barely cover his body because his employer could not provide him basic safety and health protection gadgets. From morning till evening he would go around the city and homes picking your wastes while having a short rest and his lunch beside his truck.

This morning, have a little thought of these people whose job keep your city and homes from being overrun by epidemics. You may not have a family among them know.. they do more than the politicians and the bankers sitting in cosy office to enjoy their luxury. 

To these group of workers among did their likes... I dedicate my morning prayers and thought. 


Our Street Sweepers and the Burden of Safety...

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Some People have started disturbing us again about politicians owning Private Jets as if this is news... it seems we don't mind them owning those jets except when they use them to assault  our sight by gathering them together in one location that serve their social interest.

The story of Nigerian politicians and pastors buying private jets is a stalled news.. We have read this many times over the years and had made and a lot of noise over it. All talks and no actions. Despite all these,  most of us still worship them. We voted them just as we pay tithe into their churches (in case of pastors).

So I wonder why the outcry over their packing their wonder machine side by side in Minna where majority of their roads are in deplorable conditions as with many part of the country.

To me, there is nothing new and nothing special about this. The private jets were purchased for that purposed and since we don't mind them buying them... we can't complain. If we object to their buying these machines then we know what to do...

However.. the Minna gathering of the political affluent offers a completely different lesson that only few people pointed out. Not that it is new or news as well but as least it is worth reminding our friends and  brothers who are still busy counting the Private Jets' and throwing verbal missiles at each others over politics. Some are still on behalf of the same politicians who are sharing table and drinking wine together when opportunity presents itself. 

1. As some of us have repeatedly said before: politicians don't take their political fights as destructive as many of their supporters. While the politicians may jaw-jaw and take each other to courts over stolen mandate or avoid each other in public or criticise each other, they do not turn their friends to permanent enemies over it. At least not for forever. Ironically the supporters who merely get crumbs  from the political table do all the physical battles including emotional battle. They cut off their friends for disagreeing  with them on policy and do crazy things both online and offline.  Many never met these politicians they invested so emotion on and yet they wreck more havoc on their personal friendships and family on the name of politics. The joke is on you.

2. Tribalism and religion are just for the citizens who can't differentiate between their right hand and the left hand when it is time for elections. They are open weapons with which the politicians armed their supporters to fight their cause. But politicians themselves don't deploy it against each other in personal capacity. That is why they can gather together under neutral banners as that of Minna wedding ceremony while the supporters are still holding grudge against each other years after the elections are won and lost. All because some people did not support their candidates. You still hate that guy for not voting your man? The joke is on you!

3. Many people asked for what the politicians did to amass such wealth that even after getting out of public services, they continue to live large. The general conclusion is that they looted while in office. While I cannot authenticate this claim and I cannot generalise either. Because many people deployed their network toward tying up business deals after their tenure.  

I have observed, however,  that when a politician is in dock for mismanagement of public funds, looting or undeclared assets, the majority of supporters would rally around their man and call the trial witch-hunting. . Their reasoning is always like: Is he the only one looting? Is he the first person to steal? Or why don't you try/jail your own brother and family first? Sometimes.. they will say it is because one is in opposition or "telling the truth". In short, the case will suffer from public pressure and will eventually  dies naturally while the man at the centre of fraud will go home and retire with the loot. Years later.. These same supporters would see them flaunting the wealth and then question the source. The joke is on you!

4. Finally, as at the time of writing this .. I can say there are three political parties in Nigeria today. (1.) the politicians across all the parties-including the smaller parties. (2.) the activists and civil society community-including Unionists. (3.) and finally, The masses. 

The first two are united  albeit in different ways. Politicians only have platforms to win election but they are always open to crossover and dine again after the elections are won and lost. Ask Obanikoro et al and they will offer some guides.. Even the talkative FFK knows. The civil society also have become a kind of united family as they tend to rally around their loyal and illustrious members who find themselves in trouble no matter the offence. While the masses are divided and follow both the politicians and civil society around like sheep whose destiny is tied to whatever decision the owners made. 

So when I read some educated folks argue and fight along APC-PDP dichotomy; and debate among themselves which party destroyed Nigeria and who can fix it among the two.. my silent laugh is always animated and sometimes...mischievously suppressed.. The joke is on you.

2019 is near.. we shall see how many more of us would compete against each other in throwing ethno-religios missiles and probably campaign for balkanisation of Nigeria when their political sponsors or godfathers or tribal champions lose after a bloodied election that claimed innocent people's lives. As always, the joke will be on you!

I am @isqilnajim

26 Private Jets in Minna for IBB's Daughter's Wedding: The joke is on you!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Predictably, the debate is all about the age of the elected French president rather than what he did and the efforts he made to get into prominence..

The debate is about how long it took him to set up a political party rather than who were those who nurtured that party with him. In the minds of most Nigerians especially a generation that had been nurtured under exploitative  religious system that celebrates miracle and unmerrited favour,  all that the France president elect did was to set up a political party (probably with ghosts members of his church/mosques or tribal affiliates); then contest election (without spending any kobo and possibly by sitting down in front of computer while lamenting the situations in France, and abusing all the political leaders, as well as doubting every positive  progress made by his country,) and then the people of France-Old and young, saw his age, and say.. oh.. we are voting Emmanuel Macron because he is a 39 year old and has  just formed his party not long ago!

The debates.. and the arguments and counter arguments  did not and has not factored hard-work into the equation. It has not factored national orientation into the equation; it has not factored the fact that Macron may have made some difficult compromises with his allies or that he is not a Saint without stain; it has not factor the fact that the young man may have had early push or accumulated political or managerial experience's in his short life.

Apparently, the proponent of "he has no experience" probably assume he has been idling away somehow all his life as a blogger or as a political campaigner with no meaningful managerial or leadership exposure that made the system throw him up. Most Nigerian youths look at experience from one side of a familiarity. They think the only person who is capable of assuming political leadership is a person who has been a political leader or have served at higher level only on a political board. They cannot trust anyone else who has not demonstrated capabilities in political gangsterism with power. Little wonder why they recycle the old horses for the race.

Nigerian youths are adept at deploying sentiment to justify their demands. Mostly in politics and religion. The same people whose  first instinct when they hear of ministerial nominee's name is to look at his religion and ethnic affiliation rather than his capability for the job are the ones who would praise other nation for overlooking such triviality and elect a person they believe in.

Nigerian youths hardly look at the complete story but often pick a part of a story and peddle it about like a badge of honour while making mockery of themselves  before the world.

When I first read about Macron, it was negative report of his marriage. I know nothing about him and I didn't even give a thought to his presidency. ..

Yet, as he came to spotlight and is now being indirectly worshiped by some people in Nigeria; Should I ask these people whether they are willing to undergo  the same journey as he had done to get to where he is today? Will any of our young men will marry a woman who is 25 or 30 years older than him. Or our young ladies marrying a man who is 17 year old and still stick with their choice regardless of the public outcry. Yet this is unimportant in this talk and yet it is a testament  to the fact that Macron didn't just emerge as a president by forming a party because he is 39 but because he had prepared for the journey and had worked hard for it. He has gone through a lot which prepared him for leadership. He didn't go round the country to campaign against the older men and women in politics or ask the French people to give him the mandate because he is under 40. He went round and sold his agenda as well as his party's ideology.

But come to think about it.. he is just one kind of his kind. I admire the tenacity of Nigerian youths to celebrate young achievers from foreign lands. But what I do not understand is why they ignore young achievers from their own country and mostly always rejecting and discouraging them when they come for the bigger office!

When one of my friends, Dapo Lam declared his intention to go into politics few years ago, he was just 33. And his was gunning for House of Assembly or so. The biggest opposition  he had was from the so called youths. His mates and his "youth" constituency.. Many of them penned articles and offered advice on why he should abandon the quest and start as a Councillor where he would have experience and then rise!
So while you celebrate Macron and revel in the euphoria of a 39 year old becoming a president, remember he didn't get there by shouting on social media that he is a youth and therefore must be voted as president. 
When he ignored them, they started another war. Questioning  his mental state and accusing him of wanting to ride into politics on the back of his father. Most of them were unaware that his father didn't even know he would declare interest in partisan politics and he read it in newspapers! When that didn't work they started attacking his integrity and digging up his school history to justify why he can't be there.

I ran into so many negative young people. One even had to send me series of personal mails and try to convince me why I should begin to campaign against him. Blah blah blah..

The young man lost the election but he won a bigger pie as he was appointed a commissioner based on his contribution  to the party victory. He seized the opportunity  and made the best of it. And doing what is uncommon among his peers, he resigned as a commissioner and declared his assets even when no one asked him to do so..then went back to his constituency- the grassroots,  to seek their blessing and sell his agenda as elected Representative in federal house.. again the mischief makers among the youths came in and still asked him to go for house of assembly! Or a chairman of a local government! He risked his life and escaped death by whisker but was undaunted and keep going.

Well at 36 or so he was elected by his people as a Rep and he is right there. Had he listened to the youths he would probably still be on social media complaining about youths not getting a chance. He is not a "Dangote" with bottomless cash. But he learned to relate with street people, old and young, and listen to them more than the naysayers. And in return, they trusted him to represent them  at federal level in his second attempt.

Even the so-called Awolowo myth as a "youth" was a myth. He actually joined partisan after he returned from London and had worked enough to make his living. He was elected at 41 year and not and 20 something as many people peddled about. And he was not elected because he was a "youth" but because he knew his onion and he washed his hands properly before elders allowed him to dine with them. He didn't have things all his way and nobody handed power to him on the platter of gold. He suffered like most Nigerian youths of today and only completed his law degree in his 30s after several years of struggle to earn his own living, during which he suffered series misfortunes and had his property auctioned.

Nigerian  youths need to undergo mental reformation and stop taking their "religion" mindset into politics. There is no miracle in politics  and certainly no sympathy as well. If you can't run and you join a frightened crowd of runners, they will trample on you if you stumble.

So while you celebrate Macron and revel in the euphoria of a 39 year old becoming a president, remember he didn't get there by shouting on social media that he is a youth and therefore must be voted as president.  He didn't get there by expecting miracle from above. He didn't get there by sitting behind computer and throw verbal missiles at everyone who disagrees with his ideas. Or by creating fake news and proudly sharing them on whatsapp  and other platform to mislead the public.. or by becoming social media political  expert who dabble into every single topic including the ones he barely aware; yet he does not know who is his ward leader or his local government chairman.. He however know everything all about occupant of Aso rock  and the presidential family...

So before you turn French Macron into Nigerian Macaroni always remember that there is a huge difference  between cat and Tiger!

I am @isqilnajim

Nigerian youths, before you mistake French Macron for Nigerian Macaroni. .pause and ponder

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Many people wear insecurity as a badge of security hoping the watching eyes is only seeing what they talk about. They cloth their ugliness in expensive clothes and walk around with impression that everything is perfectly sound with them. But deep inside of them they are incomplete, the are troubled and they are under the control of basic fear. The fear of loss and the fear of being found out by the watching eyes.

When you make sincerity your garment, there is no point in explaining away any aspect of its colour or feature that does not appeal to onlooker. It is all there for all. They can laugh, they can smile, and they can choose to hold their peace and applaud  your sincerity. One thing is certain, they will not doubt who you are and they will have no reason to entertain fear that you have manipulated their emotion. Most importantly, you will fear no loss since only those who acepted you would be there anyway and nothing to hide.

But when you wear a mascara over your true identity and decorate your acts and words with rainbow of deceits.. it is normal that you become fearful of the consequences  of being found out when the tide of time  sweep away your feeble cover.

The smart own up to their fickle character and make adjustment to balance their life. The fools go ahead to live in fear of loss. The fear of being found out.  The fear of not reaching target. The fear of being eventually rejected. . The fear of losing that fine lady or gent they have invested fortune into attracting.. tell fear what people would say or do...

The fear comes in varying forms but what I have found out is... the fear of loss is the beginning of loss. In a bid to protect your fragile protection of your castle of deceit, you inadvertently  entered into actions or utters words that betray your insecurity  and eventually  attract loss to yourself even if if no one initially actually noticed.

Understand: the only way to avoid loss is to accept it as part of life and to prepare for it advent whether you deserve it or not. Having that mentality means that you would have no need to wear mascara  over your weakness and would rather invest your energy on things that make you better.  If you win, you win. And if you lose you win!  Such a mindset cannot fail to be surrounded by peace of mind regardless of the storm around.

They cannot fail to command the seat of power that come with calmness and untangle life knot one by one as they come rather than have to untangle themselves in a Web of confusion created by their own fear.

Live.. smile. . Frown. .and then win!


The fear of Loss is the beginning of Loss

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dear Young Engineers, There is no point in denigrating  our profession just because some issues are beyond our controls and our efforts at putting them right have not been yielding fruits... This constant nagging among some young  members and negative  name calling of our professional bodies is as good as denigrating of our profession. This variously arise as a result of lack of jobs to go round and lack of opportunities to embark on their professional journey after graduation. 

I thought engineers pride themselves  as professionals that are trained to solve problems. Why then are some of us running away from solutions and looking for messiah outside ourselves?  I thought engineers are the only professionals who would proudly agree with Scott Adams that "Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems."

As much as I know some issues affect us as professionals... and some are embarrassing. . I realized from my involvement in the deep works  that it will take more than meeting government officials to put them all right.. it will take more than cursing and complaining...the problem sometimes is beyond our professional associations. will also take more times.

I am also sad that many young engineers don't know the difference  between NSE and COREN or their respective duties  even after graduating from university and polytechnics. . Where "Engineers in Society" is a compulsory course that they must pass before graduating. So when I read fresh graduates of engineering put in some posts about NSE on social media I tend to ask myself if the NUC had deleted that course from the curriculum  or  the  graduates simply skipped it. How else will I answer a first class graduate of engineering that NSE and COREN are not the same and they don't have the power of he Federal Government of Nigeria to do as they wish.

I also noticed that many young engineers are self-centred. They think the senior engineers don't have professional challenges or problems or their companies does not have challenges. They assume that the foreigners taking the local jobs are not affecting the jobs of the seniors engineers... We are all in this together.. the Nigerian economy affects everyone. . Young and old.. public or private sector engineer. We must sow empathy  rather that throw abuses and curses in their direction.

For the sake of understanding. COREN is creation of constitution  of Federal Republic of Nigeria. . It derived it's powers and functions from the constitution  and the officers in that Council can never change or expand on their scope as defined by constitution  except by amendments of the COREN Act by the National Assembly... what this means is that the fate of COREN  is not in hands of engineers or the people running it but in hands of Senators  of federal Republic. Unless and until they amend the Act, there  is limit to how they can deliver their duties and they can not take certain decision as regard sanctioning foreign firms or compelling government to employ all graduates of engineering. . Even if they flex muscle  it will have no impact in Nigerian law and would be considered illegal and unconstitutional should they go beyond their constitutional power. NSE on other hand is a Professional Association registered with CAC. 

I therefore appeal to people who constantly denigrate COREN  over everything including lack of jobs in the country to kindly read the COREN  Act or find their COREN handbook given to them as part of the "Engineers in Society" course and read again.

Yes COREN has not been performing  miracles. but can't unilaterally effect most of the changes demand by younger and older engineers neither can NSE unilaterally do it. The responsibility  for that lies in National assembly. To the best of my knowledge  there had been many overture to the Senators on this. Hence it is unfair to continue to demean ourselves just because results are not coming faster as we expected. Other professionals that we compare ourselves to also have their challenges and all of them need the attention of the FG and National Assembly . The constitutional function of NJC is not the same as COREN. 

The  question we should be asking is.. what can we do about this and how can we as members be a part in ensuring that COREN is empowered by National Assembly to widen it's scope of works. What are you as engineer doing or going to do as part of the collective efforts? It is not a job for one man but a collective responsibility that we all must play our roles.

Our youths are angry and yearning to contribute into national development, rightly so.. Our young engineers are unhappy about the way things are going in their postgraduate engineering adventure. But this is not a good reason to bring down the house. Respect your profession and maintain your dignity while you consciously be part of the change makers.

I bring to you the pleasing work of Prof Henry Petroski: "As engineers, we were going to be in a position to change the world - not just study it." We are going to get this right together.. young and old

I am Isqil Najim  (Follow me on twitter @isqilnajim) 

Engineer's Challenges: Let's get this right together...

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Some people think the only way to pilot their way into political relevance is to be anti-Government and ever critical of everything including ones where,  they personally (and silently) agree with,  and would have executed same in similar circumstance...So they expended a great deal of their productive time looking for a way to take the government to the cleaner. The good from government and anyone connected to government is better hidden than acknowledged as this hurt them and emotionally grief them. 

Such people think because it "appears" to have worked for someone, it would work for them. Many Young people and naive political aspirants have destroyed their chance in earning leadership trust through this attitude. Some get so overtly critical that they abuse almost everyone and anyone who hold an opinion that is contrary to theirs. Some become so engrossed in this "occupation" that they didn't notice they have transformed from gentlemen into e-Thugs! And Many ended up making their would-be electorates got scared of them more than the existing ones they want to supplant. 

The other disturbing aspect is when you see these people, who were hitherto highly principled before entering the political space, becoming sympathetic to everyone that has problem with government. From murderers, to looters, to ex convicts, militants and even armed robbers etc, they have no qualm in putting their integrity on the line by supporting them and making up arguments about witch-hunting (if that person had been a part of anti government parade) and not about whether the accused are indeed found wanting. To them Justice is only done when government in power intervene in judiciary system in favour of opposition.

It is in the nature of politics for opponents to try to exploit each other weaknesses to gain advantage. The real politicians however recognise that they all have similar goals. The successful politicians are not foolish enough to jump behind every cause; at least not so openly and blindly unless they know it is something they would win or they have resigned to losing their political base... they let their foot-soldiers do the dirty jobs. 

The foot soldiers come in many forms. they can be fanatical supporters (drafted from ethnic/religious jungle or loyal party supporters or Civil society groups) and they can be paid agents who think they are earning decent employment but in reality they're being used as cat-paw. They are the proverbial Athenian scapegoats which are regularly "maintained in large number" and allowed by their sponsors  to thrive to become social nuisance. And when "calamity befall the the city," or the masses went off in rage, the scapegoats are sacrificed (morally or physically) while their sponsors assume the roles of purifiers and consolidate their grip on the masses. In the same way, when the politics of abuse and insult backfire, the big masquerade behind the supporters would naturally sacrifice or disown them to redeem his image .

Strategically placed politicians criticise each other openly. But take note how they do it with methodical precision. The ones who do dirty jobs of outright attacking opponents and spewing expletives are those whose political career are either over or depended on their attachment to a specific influential politicians to appoint them or perhaps lift them up should things work for them. They hardly win election or become politically relevant on their own by virtue of their vitriolic adventures, beyond being used as instigators by the smarter politicians.

Therefore to younger people who are craving a niche in politics, do not be tempted by the lure of your social media following and approvals. These are for the emotion and for the crowd. the crowd always back people who lead in moments of rage but once they have seated individually and overcome their rage, they make conscious decisions. That is why when you throw your hat in the ring and try to contest election, you barely get any vote aside your own vote and perhaps a few close friends. We have seen this played out many times already. 

Don't build your political aspiration on alter of flagrant criticism and don't think being anti government in talks and in deeds will give you your desired break in politics. Truth is bitter, this would only give you flash fame. But in the election proper, it will play against you.

I do not advocate blind support to anyone or government, but people should learn to be themselves and know when it is very wise be fair in judgement instead of being trapped in crowd mentality syndrome. You can still criticise government or organisations without personalising or ruining your own image. It is called constructive criticism for a purpose. And in many cases, genuine leaders take note of such persons just as the people.  But if you have no regard for your reputation and really only want to be the spoiler for others, you are in a deserved business.

I admire the advice of  Ioan Tnner  when wrote: there "are three kinds of criticism: friendly, indifferent (or objective) and hostile, each with its function. Do not confuse them. They have different aims and rules which you should keep in mind when you give critique and recognise when you take it.......friendly criticism would end with help; objective criticism must conclude in constructive solutions; hostile criticism ends up in blame, rejection and other harm."

Finally, as someone once said "When we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical."

I am @isqilnajim

Do you Plan to or are you actively working toward Building Your Political Fortune on the Foundation of Flagrant Criticisms?

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